The Neighborhood Dish

6:30 PM

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On Saturday afternoon, I enjoyed an absolutely lovely neighborhood pumpkin carving extravaganza. What a fun idea; reminiscent of my own parent's ice cream socials held each summer growing up. The decor was unabashedly cute (look at the "black cat" fashioned from two pumpkins and a gourd), there were pumpkins being carved on at least three tables, and the food was down-home-to-die-for with real mac 'n cheese, salads, cheesy potatoes, lasagna, "mummy" dogs (hot dogs wrapped in biscuit dough to look like mummies), hot cocoa and desserts of all kinds. I contributed my own recipe for spiced sweet potatoes, which people actually seemed to like (point 1, team "L")! With the weather being perfectly crisp, cool and just enough sun left to keep us outside, I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed this neighborly shin-dig.


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